Step Four:

Made a complete and fearless assessment of my life, my priorities, my wants, and my place in the world; sought to go beyond fear and/or lack and to live from a state of calm knowingness and abundance.

 I will endeavor to become conscious (and aware of) those deep-seated beliefs and subconscious forces, which largely direct and control my life.  I resolve to determine, and take stock of, my present state of consciousness and my underlying beliefs, especially those beliefs which I hold to be true about myself.  I will determine those beliefs which are true, and empowering, and in accord with my ideals, and also those which are limiting and which undermine my creative expression and growth.   Understanding that the nature of Spirit is abundance, and that I am a center of that infinitely expanding Spirit, I will live my life with awareness of my abundant nature.  I will not allow the consciousness of fear or poverty to determine my thoughts and actions nor the course of my life. 

Discussion 1:

What Do I Want?  What do I want to create for myself? 

The main question to answer at this stage is, “What do I really want?” "What do I want to create?" “What am I striving for?”  “What will make me happy and add value and joy to my life?”  “What are my priorities?—and does my present system of values support my highest aspirations (and my newfound spiritual awareness)?” “What aspects of my life (or beliefs) support my well-being (and my movement toward wholeness) and what aspects of my life do not support this (and keep me stuck in you same old position)?  

“Where am I coming from?  What is motivating my action? 

One aspect of introspection is to get a clear picture of your intention and the exact sense or feeling that is prompting your actions.  Spirit is of the nature of Life and Love (the opposite of which might be called death or fear).  So, are your actions motivated by fear, to get away from something, to avoid something?—or are they motivated by life (and love) to expand upon your own sense of life, to outpour and joyously express your own sense of love, life, and abundance?  What is your intention?  Is it founded upon the qualities of Spirit (such as life, love, fullness, truth, creativity, joy, freedom, etc.) or upon that which lacks Spirit (such as fear, lack of faith, insecurity, hatred, dogma, ill-conceived duty or loyalty)?  

Being honest and truthful has nothing to do with telling everyone your version of the truth.  It does not mean to tell every hurtful thing and then say, “I was only being honest.” There must be discrimination in your words and actions.  A very weak person does harmful actions and then, in the name of being honest, hurts another person by telling them about it.  A weak person does harmful actions, feels guilty about it, and bears the burden without telling another person about it.  A strong person does not do harmful actions and does not burden others by such actions.

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