Step Nine:

Took steps to put my house in order, to bring balance, peace, and stability to my life.
Additional Affirmations

Order and balance in my own life is that which affords me the fullest expression of my own nature.  A balanced and ordered life puts me in a positive relationship with my physical-mental world such that every aspect of my life can come to support me and my spiritual growth.  This balance an order must become a natural expression; constantly thinking about, and being concerned about, putting things in order is not a state of balance and order.  Balance and order serves to free my mind of undo concerns; it creates more space and lightness; it avoids conditions that weigh me down and becloud my mind with distracting and stressful concerns.

n bringing balance and order to my life,I will put material things (those things which surround me and make up my living environment) in complete (and natural) order such that these things support my livingness and reflect the truth and beauty of my ideals.  I will put my affairs and my relationships in order such that they support my highest intentions and aspirations.  I will put my “internal house” in order, putting my priorities and values in order, such that they reflect and support my highest ideals. 

Part of bringing balance and order is to take care of my place in the world and my financial needs, such that I am in a positive relationship with my life and finances.  Thus, I will take steps to secure my own financial wholeness, and not allow financial concerns and worries to dominate my life nor my conscious awareness.

Discussion 1:
Life Plan or Goal

One way to put your life in order is to formulate a life-plan or goal which will positively align your life with the ever-aspiring movement of Spirit.  Clearing up the past, and looking back, must be balanced with creating a positive future, and looking forward to new growth and expansion.  In all of this—both clearing up the past and creating a positive future—one must be fully content in the present.  All transformation is made in the present moment. The foundation of change is rooted in a present state of contentment, in the full acceptance of where you are right now.  For in that acceptance, what we are really accepting is the presence of our true self, and that true self which always seeks to expand and express more and more of its true qualities, such as love, joy, fullness, peace, and beauty.  The acceptance of our self is rooted in the acceptance of our true self; once our true self is fully accepted and embraced, all that is not who we really are, all our limiting and self-destructive concepts and beliefs (which are not in alignment with our true self and its luminous qualities) will eventually come into alignment with our true self.  Thus, from a position of wholeness, or true acceptance of our divine nature, we can accept those aspects of ourselves we want to change.  We are making the change from the position of wholeness, to more fully express our truest and highest self, and not from a position of lack, self-loathing, or some desperate need to improve our personal selves. 

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