Step Twelve:

Having realized my true self and creative power (through participation with these steps) I was inspired to share this state with others and to live in accordance with these higher principles.

I do not share this state, nor the teachings of these steps, in order to help and transform others (though that would be the likely result) but as a pure and loving expression of my true self, and my glorious oneness with Spirit.  Sharing the understanding of these steps with others may be beneficial to others, but the true way to share these steps is to live them, to embody the truth of these steps in my life, and allow that higher state of awareness to permeate my actions and uplift those around me.

Discussion 1:

This is not really a step even though it is listed as one.  Sharing one’s own experience of joy, aliveness, abundance, creativity, and freedom, is a natural expression—it is not a step, it is not something you have to do or complete.  Spirit creates this whole universe by the over-flowing of its own nature—of its love, freedom, creativity, abundance, beauty, etc.—and as these self-same qualities find expression in you, through your own life; when you are in touch with your fullness and joy you are naturally moved to express these qualities.  That abundance, that creative expression and outpouring, is the very nature of Spirit and your own nature.

There may come a time when you feel withdrawn, when you want to go inward and bath in the silent presence of your own self.   You may feel the need to set aside periods of time for yourself, for contemplation and meditation.  That is OK. However, once you have discovered your own love, aliveness, and abundance, then it, of its own accord, will express itself.  You do not have to do anything with this step; it is about allowing that innate fullness within yourself to find its natural expression.  

This “step” is not about proselytizing or converting anyone; it’s not about signing someone up, or trying to convince anyone of anything, or trying to confirm the validity of your own path through the agreement and support of others.  It’s about the natural overflow of your own divine qualities.  It is about the purity of the Infinite Spirit expressing itself through you.  This not something you need to do—it is a natural expression of who you are.

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