The Fundamental Principles:

1. Our nature is one, in all respects, with Infinite Spirit (and its Creative power).  Thus, we possess every quality of Spirit, such as love, joy, abundance, creative power, freedom, beauty, etc. 

To the extent that we are able to access and identify with our true self—which is infinite in its creative potential—to that extent are we able to consciously direct that power.  In our normal state, completely identified with ourselves as this limited individual—and completely ignorant of the creative power we possess, and which is at the core of our being—we deprive ourselves of the conscious use of our own power; as such, we come to believe ourselves as being powerless over the conditions of our lives. 

2. We are independent, creative centers of Spirit, capable of creating in the exact same way, with the exact same creative power, as Spirit—exact in kind and in quality, and different only in degree.

3. Being one with Spirit, and creative centers of Spirit, we are able to (and always) direct the creative power of Spirit in accordance with what we think and believe. Thus, the state of our consciousness is always the determinant cause of our world and our conditions. 
The power of choice and transformation lies within the conscious use of our own power (though the intelligent direction of our thoughts) and in our ability to open ourselves to the infinite influx of Spirit.

a) Our own consciousness (based upon what we believe to be true and possible) directs the unlimited creative power of Spirit and thus determines the conditions of our life. It is only through the use of our own creative power (or our power to direct Infinite Spirit) that we are able to behold our infinite potential or limit our life through unwitting misuse, or misdirection, of this power.  Freedom and bondage are both created by our own creative power—freedom comes about when our power is working in alignment with our higher self (and working in a positive direction), bondage comes about when we are using our own power against ourself (and working in a negative direction).  It is one and the same power, used in two opposite ways, which brings both bondage (and suffering) and freedom (and joy),

4.  Our conditions (which are the result of our own consciousness) can be changed by actuating a change in our consciousness.  Admitting that we have power over outer conditions is an affirmation of our creative power; it is a refusal to perpetuate the debilitating ignorance which comes about from a reversal of the true order of things.  In that reversal we unwittingly deny the creative power own consciousness (as the true cause) and place outer conditions (which is only the effect) in the position of cause.

(In this state, we are unaware that we, unwittingly, through the unconscious misuse of our own creative power, are creating those very conditions we seek to change). The same creative power which we are now using (unconsciously) to create poor conditions, we can consciously employ to create beneficial conditions.

5. The universe, as a creation of Spirit, is inherently benevolent and good (because that is the nature of Spirit)—as such, the universe is fully dedicated to our upliftment and enjoyment of life (and is always ready to accommodate our highest good).

The Universal Will always supports the highest and most beneficial will of the individual, and is always moving every individual toward his highest qualities of happiness, joy, aliveness, abundance, beauty etc.  The Universal Will is that we, as human beings, in our lives, experience more and more of our inherent qualities, such as love, joy, abundance, peace, freedom, fullness, beauty, etc.  There is never any lack in the infinite Source—it is always able to provide us with all that we are able to conceive for ourselves.  The error is never in asking for too much but in asking and conceiving for ourselves too little.

6. Universal Spirit is, by its very nature, always moves toward a greater and fuller expression of Itself.  Spirit always moves toward the greater and more expanded unfoldment (and experience) of its inherent qualities such as love, aliveness, fullness, joy, freedom, and beauty—and this is also the primary movement or motivating force in every human being.

7. We, as individual, always move toward our own highest good (and the greatest experience of our own divine qualities) by aligning our will (and thoughts and actions) with Universal Spirit.

Our highest good, our highest happiness—and the restoration of our integrity as a person—is founded upon our own presence, or sense of “I Am,” which is our true and timeless self. 

8.  The nature of Spirit, and Life, is purely positive.  Thus, no approach or state of consciousness based upon the negative (or that which lacks Spirit and its qualities) can bring true transformation.  Such an approach, based upon the negative, lacks the backing of Spirit and can never become one with the Spirit of Life or any of its qualities.  Thus, for a human being, no truly positive chance, or creation, can come through negative thought or action.