Infinite Energy

Any hint as to what form this ‘infinite energy device’ might take, and how it would be produced?

  A year or two ago I had an insight into an approach, a way that infinite energy might be obtainable on a human scale.  This intuition was confirmed (a few weeks later) by something I read by Thomas Troward.  In his book, The Creative Process in the Individual, he talks about the first contact between Infinite Spirit and matter.  How does this Infinite Source first enter into matter, or translate into matter (without destroying it)?  What form does this first contact take?  Recall, that Spirit is Infinite, so its first contact with matter, must produce something of an infinite nature because there is nothing other than Spirit which can oppose or govern this infinite energy.  In fact, the very first contact between Spirit and Matter, the first touch of creation, would be a state where that one touch becomes the whole of the universe.  Without getting into too much theory, suffice it to say that in the beginning the first entry of Spirit into matter (the first creation of this physical universe) was smaller than an atom and contained the whole of Spirit's infinite power—and that same infinite energy is, and must still be, present in creation today. However, for creation to move forward, that infinite energy has to be contained (otherwise it would consume everything).  This is accomplished by self-containing it in a rotational movement, on the scale of an atom (and even smaller).  Although this foundational, self-contained rotational movement exists on the atomic level, we see it 'translated up' on a grand scale (and evidenced in the rotation of galaxies).  So, this minimalization of infinite energy (to the size of an atom), in a rotational movement, is what made it containable and usable in Spirit's expression in form.This limitation of infinite energy is needed so that forms could be created and growth and evolve.  

At present, naturally evolving, without any kind of creative human intervention, we see this fundamental rotational movement of the atom, 'translated up' to planetary rotation, solar systems, galaxies, etc.  So, we already have infinite energy, and infinite movement of Spirit in form—and we have this in a form which too small or too large to be utilized on a human scale,  So, what we want to do is to introduce a new creative order; we want to create a way to align all the atoms, in a particular way, such that their infinite rotational energy is synchronized, and such that this collective rotational energy is transferred to something which can be utilized on a human scale.  In simplicity, this would take the form of an independently-rotating disc.  

  This independently-rotating disc would not produce power by the utilization of some source---this would be a self-sustained, atomic-resonance power.  In other words, this disc, by virtue of it atomic structure and the particular combination and placement of atom sheets would simply rotate.  It would have no moving parts.  And the speed of rotation and torque could be programmed into the disc.  So, if we could produce, for example, a disc, 16” in diameter, by ½” thick, which rotated on its own, we could generate unlimited amounts of energy from that rotational movement. 

    That is a general outline of what I am talking about; we don't have to crete energy, we just have to find a way to translate or step-up this already-existing infinite energy so it can be employed on a human scale.  i

You said that you have a clear idea as to how this rotating disc would work, and perhaps how to produce it, but that no amount of money could help you.  What would these 80 ‘spiritually aligned” individuals bring which money, and the best minds of our generation, could not?

    Themselves.The power of their own creative consciousness. One way to produce things, using the scientific methods, is by trial and error.  The way I envision this thing moving forward is through a group's direct participation with the infinite wisdom of Spirit.  We all know of people who have been aligned with Spirit, and who tapped into this source of infinite intelligence, and who were guided to discover things which they could never have done on their own, and which no amount of self-effort could have produced.  This came about through a creative alignment with Spirit, and access to the infinite wisdom of Spirit.  So, this whole thing would be produced by creative individuals in conscious alignment with Spirit—with the help of Spirit’s infinite intelligence.  Of course, the people would need to have some expertise in order to understand what message they were getting, but intentional cooperation with Spirit—which is the Infinite source of Energy itself—would be the fundamental approach.  One other thing: in order to be fully aligned with Spirit, and access the intelligence of Spirit, the individuals involved would have to have the same intention as Spirit, and produce as Spirit produces.  In essence, Spirit does not produce in order to get something for itself, nor with any kind of ulterior motive.  Thus, for individuals to be fully aligned with the creative power of Spirit they would also have to act in this selfless way.  So, in essence, to make this leap, at this time, is not a technical matter, per se, but a matter of consciousness, having a scenario where enough individuals are in a state of Spiritually-aligned consciousness and have the intention to manifest this together.

Isn’t this a little too ambitious?

  Creating the whole universe out of nothing (and without any effort) was ambitious but that did not prevent Spirit from doing it.  So, what is there to prevent us—fully-empowered centers of infinite consciousness—from co-creating this?

    (Thomas Troward, The Creative Process in the Individual, 1910)

Based upon the hypothesis that the [creative] Self-Contemplation of Spirit is the originating power [and the modus operandi by which Spirit creates this universe], we have found that a primary Ether, or universal substance is the necessary correspondence to Spirit’s awareness of its own Being. Even though [Spirit’s] awareness of [its own] Being is the necessary foundation [or condition] for any further possibilities it is, so to say, not much to talk about. The foundational fact, of course, is to know that ‘I Am’—but immediately [upon the realization of] this consciousness [or self-awareness], there follows the desire for activity [and the expression of that ‘I Am’]—I want to enjoy my I-Am-ness by doing something with it.  [I want to express it in ever more alive and joyous ways]. This state of Cosmic Consciousness [which is the natural movement of Spirit to know Itself in evermore expressive and enjoyable way] becomes a Law of Tendency, which leads to localized activity. Looking only at our own world, this would mean the condensation [or contraction] of the universal etheric substance into the primary nebula [which takes the form of galaxies]. This would be the correspondence to the Self-Contemplation of Spirit as passing into specific activity [and manifestation] instead of remaining absorbed in simple [and universally uniform] awareness of Being. Then this self-recognition would lead to the conception of still more specific activity having its appropriate polar opposite or material correspondence in the condensation of the nebula into a solar system [and the planet earth, and then life, and then conscious life, then the reproduction of Spirit’s same creative capacity in an individual, and so on.]

Now, at this [initial] stage, Spirit’s conception of itself is that of Activity and, consequently, the material correspondence is Motion (as distinguished from the simple, diffused [and stationary] Ether which is the correspondence of pure awareness of Being). But what sort of motion [is first expressed]? Is the material movement, evolved at this stage, bound to take any particular form? A little consideration will show us that it is. At this initial stage—the first awakening [or entry], so to say, of Spirit into activity—its consciousness can only be that of activity absolute [as opposed to relative activity]. Its activity is not related to any other mode of activity because, as of yet, there is none; therefore it [activity at this stage] can only relate to a [single], all-embracing Being. Thus, the only possible conception of Activity at this stage is that of self-sustained activity, not dependent upon any preceding mode of activity because there is none. The Law of Reciprocity, therefore, demands a similar, self-sustained motion in the material correspondence and mathematical considerations show that the only sort of motion which can sustain a self-supporting body moving in vacuo [in a vacuum, without support] is a rotary motion bringing the body itself into a spherical form. Now this is exactly what we find at both extremes of the material world. At the big end are the spheres of the planets rotating on their axes and revolving round the sun [and, at even a bigger end, are all the stars and planetary systems rotating around the center-point of the galaxy]; and at the little end are the spheres of the atoms consisting of particles which, modern science tells us, in like manner rotate round a common center at distances which are astronomical as compared with their own mass.  Thus the two ultimate units of physical manifestation, the atom and the galaxy both follow the same law of self-sustained motion which we have found that, on a priori grounds, [i.e., established by way of reason and not factual proof] they must in order to express the primary activity of Spirit. And we may note in passing that this rotary or absolute motion is the combination of the only two possible relative modes of motion, namely, motion from a point and motion to it—that is to say centrifugal and centripetal motion. Thus, in rotary or absolute motion, we find that both the polarities of motion are included, thereby repeating on the purely mechanical side the primordial principle of the Unity including the Duality in itself.

              But Spirit wants something more than [mere] mechanical [and perfectly predictable] motion, something more alive than the preliminary Rota. . .

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