The Nine Practices:
A New Paradigm of Transformation and Recovery

     The Nine Practices of Transformation and Recovery is a program founded upon a model of wholeness, well-being, and the embodiment of one’s human nature as divine—a nature which is one, in all respects, with Infinite Spirit (or God).  In the Nine Practices what a person transforms is his own life; what he recovers is the divine aspect of himself which has been lost and forgotten amidst the busyness of daily concerns.  In terms of addictions, a person does not recover his old and less-than-satisfying life, the life he once knew before it had become “unmanageable”; what he attains is a new life, a fuller life, a life which allows his inherent human and divine qualities to emerge and be expressed—qualities such as love, joy, aliveness, fullness, freedom, and beauty.

The Nine Practices

Affirming the unity of the human and the Divine

1. I affirm that I am a creative center of Infinite Spirit; that I have power and dominion over all the conditions of my life

—Being one with Infinite Spirit (God) my essential nature embodies every quality of Spirit, such as love, joy, aliveness, consciousness, fullness, freedom, and beauty.—I have complete power, in every moment, to actuate a positive change in my life; nothing (no outer condition) has power over me—unless I deem it to be so.

2. The conscious power within myself, and my intelligent use of that power, is the only thing that can restore me to wholeness 

All positive change in my life comes about through me, through my consciousness (i.e., my thoughts, beliefs, intentions, etc.), and through my ability to direction Spirit; my transformation comes about through a process of co-creation between my individual self and Universal Spirit.  
                                      Knowledge of the human and the Divine

3. I intend to grow in spiritual knowledge (and understanding) and to have that knowledge become a living truth in my life    

—I will grow in knowledge and understanding; I will strive to imbibe what I learn such that it becomes a living truth and expression in my life. I will strive to live what I know, to have knowledge of the mind become the knowingness of the heart.  

4. I intend to understand my own life and to align my priorities, values, and intentions with my higher self and ideals 

—I resolve to be ruthlessly honest (and truthful) about who I am and where I am in my life—I resolve to align my thoughts and actions with the positive and the Great Affirmative of Life; I will structure my life in such a way that my human side aligns with and serves my higher self and wisdom.

                                                                             Alignment of the human with the Divine

5. I put my house in order, adding balance and stability to my life

I will clear up concerns from my past (which remain sources of negative thoughts and feelings)  

6. I will to live a true and noble life

I will enter the spirit of my own Life; I will live a full and joyous life—with my thoughts, words, and deed true to mine own heart (and higher self).
—I will live a life such that my human side serves, and is elevated by, my higher self (and wisdom); I will allow my human side to divinized by the presence of my higher self.    

                                                                               Realization of the human and the Divine

7. I adopt a regular practice of meditation (and/or prayer) so as to access my own presence and power (and to consciously realize my unity with Spirit)

—I will adopt a healthy and beneficial lifestyle and chose to participate in activities that support my growth, transformation, and the attainment of my highest ideals.

8. I embrace my conscious presence (as an integral dimension of my life)

—I will make a sincere effort to obtain, revel in, and realize that glorious presence, which is my true and timeless essence.  I will endeavor to unfold that state of presence as a living and constant presence in my life.

                                                                                Joyous Expression of the human and the Divine

9. Having realized the great value and benefit of these steps, I willingly share my spiritual attainment with those who would receive it; and I joyously express the fruits of this attainment through the thoughts and actions of my life

—I will give to others in a way which supports their strength and wholeness (and which enhances their sense of worth and humanity); and I will always wish for (and see) the highest and best in others.