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    Group Support

To support people in setting up a New Twelve Steps / Twelve Foundation groups in their area we provide the following services, free of charge:

1. Monthly consultations, and regular training, with group organizers (for the first year).

2. Free attendance (for group organizers) at the annual New Twelve Steps/ Twelve Foundations Conference.

Two types of groups may be formed:

A) The Next Step:  A New Paradigm of Transformation and Recovery:  This type of group is for people who are working to overcome specific addictions, or life-disrupting problems, such as alcoholism, overeating, depression, etc. This kind of group is also suitable for people who are “recovering” from an addiction (and who are still defined by that addiction).  This kind of group is also suitable for people want to move beyond the Twelve Steps and the powerless type of identity engendered by that program.  The Next Step program may be seen as "the Next Step" for people who have had some success with the traditional Twelve Steps but who are now in a position to move on to something more positive and empowering. 

Groups can be comprised of people dealing with the same addiction (or life-problem) or for all people wrestling with addictions and life-problems , regardless of what that addiction or problem may be.

B) The Twelve Foundations: A New Path of Human and Spiritual Discovery: This type of group is for people who are not dealing with any primary addiction or life-disrupting issue.  This type of group is for people who want to expand and develop their spiritual and human side in the context of a supportive group.


Jonathan Star
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The Twelve Foundations
email:  twelvefoundations at 
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    Private Sessions and Coaching

Private Sessions and individual Instruction (relating to the Twelve Foundations and one's human-spiritual growth) is available.


A 32-page booklet is available for download:

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